My name is Maka Dudi. I am from Africa. I am an Herbal Surgeon.

Welcome to my Super Science Kitchen! My knowledge will make you luckier! Pull up a chair, the ugali is ready to eat!

Asante for coming by my website!

There are three sections to this site. Back in the 70's I came into contact with the Discordian movement, that worshipped the Goddess Eris - the goddess of Chaos. I wrote four books with that theme. Those are the Full Moon set.

In 1980, I was approached by J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, the center of the SubGenius sect. The majority of this site has a SubGenius theme. My brothers Ivan Stan, Lies and Puzzling Evidence are friends of mine. We used to play together in our band Drs. For "Bob."

In 1993 I met my friend Gung HO. He is the leader of the Gang Of HO. There are many similarities between the Erisians, the SubGenii and the Gang of HO I have invited Gung HO to join us here in the Super Science Kitchen.



Robert Anton Wilson Illuminatus!



Gang of HO